For My Bashert: A Double Jewish Headstone

The marriage of two people who are truly in love is destined to be– called out by God himself when the child is born. For those lucky enough to find their bashert in the world, it is wonderful to know that not only can you be committed within life but also within your eternal resting place. St. Charles Monuments is proud to provide our customers with Jewish Monuments that respect and exemplify the memory of their loved ones and the Jewish faith with inscriptions and symbols. Being placed together to rest in peace eternally is possible for a couple who are buried in a two-plot grave. There are many other benefits to a double headstones, including financial ones.


Double Jewish Headstones Serve as a Monument for two People Joined Together as One.


Benefits of a Double Headstone

1.Help your family lessen the financial burden of burial costs and memorial costs. A two plot grave is often less expensive than two separate single grave sites. Additionally, a double monument can cost less than two single monuments.

2.Make visiting the grave site more convenient for relatives of those who have passed. It can be difficult to acquire two grave sites side by side in the location of your choosing in a graveyard. However, it can often be easier to find a two plot grave, as some cemeteries offer options such as double caskets next to one another or side by side. Relatives can then leave flowers, gifts, and offerings in one location instead of traveling across the cemetery or to multiple cemeteries in different areas.

3. Rest peacefully with the company of a loved one. For many the thought of being buried in the cold earth is lonely and isolating. It can even be so for say the children of a parent who has passed away. Even as adults we worry about our parents as they age and want them to be comfortable. It can ease the minds of surviving relatives to know that their parents or loved ones are laid together within the earth for eternity to rest in peace.

4. The double headstone itself is larger and more impressive than a single headstone, or two single headstones. This is nice for family to view within the cemetery and see their loved ones’ names and the inscription (if one is chosen) stand out within the graveyard. They can see their loved one’s a special and feel content that they have honored them well.



Jewish Monuments Long Island

Of course, both people do not need to pass away at the same time in order to be buried together. One person can be buried within the two plot grave site with the double headstone as their grave marker. The headstone would simply state the family name, the information of the deceased, and any desired inscription or art work. One area can be left blank for the information of the surviving spouse. At the time of the spouse’s passing, they can then be buried with their loved one in the two person plot and their information inscribed upon the headstone. Thankfully, it is not necessary to remove a headstone in order to inscribe it with new lettering. Therefore all work can and will be done on site, so as not to disturb the resting place. Please contact us about our headstones and inscription and etching options and we at St. Charles Monuments of Long Island will help you through the selection process step by step.