The Etching Process

The art of adorning a monument or memorial has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Advancements in technology have granted memorialists the ability to design monuments, beautiful etched with portraits, scenes, or landscapes, efficiently and professionally. Laser technology, which has gained rapid popularity in the last 20 years, permits the ability to etch onto a monument anything you can image. Etching can also be used to repair an older headstone. You may remember your loved ones by having a picture or design etched on their headstone, monument or memorial so that they might live in the minds of future generations. You can also have your favorite photograph permanently transferred onto a porcelain plaque to make a distinct addition to your selection.

Etching is the process of making microscopic engravings into granite by hand. A hand etcher uses led tips to remove the polish from the stone some tips are heavier or lighter depending on the contrast or brightness they are going for. Some instances we will use what is called an Impact etcher which has a diamond tip and taps the stone to remove the polish.

As the popularity of black granite continues to grow, etchings on monuments have also become commonplace. St. Charles Monuments has become well known for the high quality of our etchings.


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Etchings for Monuments & Memorials