About Foot Markers

Foot Markers are the most overall affordable option for a granite monument. Foot markers can be utilized as individual or companion monuments. In fact some cemeteries or certain sections within, only allow foot markers due to their ease of maintenance.

Foot Markers are generally rectangular shaped and set stones used to provide snippets of information about the deceased. Typically made of granite, these grave markers were originally used to mark the foot of the grave, and are still sometimes used in this manner as a companion stone to an existing headstone, although they are more modernly used in place of headstones in some instances. Headstones have two standard sizes- 18″ wide by 10″ tall, and 24″ wide by 12″ tall. If you would like to add a foot marker to an existing headstone, please contact us and one of our trained memorialists will create a matching stone.

St. Charles Monuments offers families in New York many options for flat markers. Flat markers are also called lawn level markers or flush markers. While flat markers don’t offer as many design possibilities as Upright Monuments, Raised Headstones, Slant Face Markers and Bevel Top Markers, you still have lots of options with a flat marker. Stop in at our showroom in West Babylon to view our large selection of granite colors and choose the one you like best.