About Columbaria

A columbarium is an indoor or outdoor structure with niches in which the urn containing the cremation ashes of the deceased are inurned. They can be a free standing structure or part of an interior wall of another, such as a church. A columbarium for cremations ashes is a public storage where loved ones of the deceased can pray and spend time in a quite respectful manner.

Cremation has become more widely accepted and as a result, is gaining popularity over traditional methods of internment. Our members can help you with a single Cremation Urn or even construct and install your own Columbarium or mausoleum.

Our designers and engineers have vast experience designing and installing both custom and standard columbaria. Our team of engineers and designers work directly with your architects, builders, and land use professionals to deliver the highest-quality, all-granite private-estate and community columbaria according to your specifications.