Latest Testimonials

Renee B., November 2019

“Thank you Marcus. The monument looks great. I’ll get down soon to check it out for any damage.
It has been a pleasure working with all of you. This period of time is very difficult but you have provided me with a seamless experience. Every time I dealt with your company I came away with a peaceful feeling knowing that we were in good hands. Once again my thanks to you and the entire staff.”
Renee B.

Mary A., October 2018

“Thank you Marcus. We drove by the monument yesterday afternoon. My husband and I were very pleased. Thank you for giving us a gift of comfort and peace.”
Mary A.

Pam Carter, May 2018

“Thank you so much. It has been a comforting and pleasant experience working with St. Charles Monuments. The memorial set looks great.”
Pam Carter

John Durante, October 2017

“Marcus, I just got back from St. John cemetery after viewing my grandmother’s monument that we purchased from your company, and I thought I would shoot you a quick line, expressing my appreciation. I got goosebumps when I saw it. It looked terrific. You guys did a great job. My sisters and I are very happy with the results. You and your staff are real professionals. I was shocked at how fast you were able to get the monument installed. I’m sure my Dad, who passed away in January, would also be very pleased. Thanks also to Julia and Danielle for their assistance.”
John Durante

Laura Leddy, September 2017

“The headstone is beautiful. They did a fantastic job. Again my family and I thank you for all your help with suggestions and with the arrangements.”
Laura Leddy

The Attina Family, September 2017

“The stone looks great! Thank you so much for all your help and for placing the stone so fast. We greatly appreciate all your quick effort for completing our mother’s resting place. Thank you again!
The Attina Family

Mrs. Guginsky, August 2017

“My family and I visited my husband’s grave today. We were very pleased with the results. It looks very nice. Thank you.”
Mrs. Guginsky

Steven B, August 2017

“My family is from the New York area. I live out of state, but have been charged with handling arrangements for deceased family members. Unfortunately, I have had to deal with the loss of several of my siblings, as well as a Grandparent. Marcus and Julia have been great in helping us select and design monuments for family members. Being out of state and faced with some important decisions, could have been problematic. Nevertheless, communicating with phone calls and emails, we were able to work through the various stages of selecting and personalizing several monuments. My family could not be happier with the results and we would highly recommend St. Charles Monuments for this service.”
Steven B.

Tom, March 2017

“First, thank you so very much for everything! I could not be more pleased with the job that you and your team did in creating the memorial marker for my mom. I am extremely satisfied with the job you, Marcus, and your team did for me and my family. I’m so glad that my mom’s wishes for her memorial — the daisies, her name, the word Peace, as well as the artful execution of the agreed-upon drawing–were fulfilled. Beside providing a sense of closure, the aesthetic appearance is one I’d like to believe my mom would approve of as well.”

Liz Child, November 2016

“Just wanted to let you know our family is very good friends with Nancy White the owner of Whites Funeral Homes – in Bethpage and Farmingdale my Dad worked there for many years and they are close family friends. I’ve told all of them to highly recommend St. Charles Monuments and you for the awesome job you have done. You communicate very clearly and truly made us feel so comfortable at a not so comfortable time in our lives. We greatly appreciate your compassion and again; will pass the word around to all of our friends and family.”
Thanks again,
Liz Child

Christine, October 2016

“I just went to the cemetery to see the headstone in person. You did an amazing job. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and ability to get the details exactly as we envisioned them. We are truly grateful.”

Christian, August 2016

“The monument came out beautiful. I love it Marcus. You guys are great. A huge thank you from the Romero family and friends to all who took part in preparing our father’s monument. You guys are the best.”

Cathy Langdon, July 2016

“Thank you so very, very much!!!! You have certainly brought tears to my eyes. Just in time for what would have been my mom’s 77th birthday tomorrow. Thank you for all of your help and concern.”
Cathy Langdon

Janice Leo, April 2016

“Just wanted to thank you and Marcus for all your assistance in getting the headstone for my dad. My mother and I stopped by the cemetery today and it looks absolutely beautiful.
It was such a pleasure working with you and we really appreciate it.”

Thanks again,
Janice Leo

Ron & Amanda, December 2015

“Thank you for getting Kathie’s monument installed this week. It meant a great deal to me. I appreciated your effort in advocating for us with the cemetery and getting this done before the winter. The monument turned out exactly how we wanted it to and we couldn’t be happier with the result. I know you always hear from customers when there is a screw up but very few people write when things turn out well.”
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas.
Ron & Amanda

Robert, December 2015

“It looks wonderful! I went to visit today and I was very pleasantly surprised too see that you guys were able to get it finished. Thank you so much for all of your help and I wish you nothing but the best in the New Year.”
Merry Christmas,

Mike Klutchka, December 2015

“Thanks so much! You and your team did a beautiful job! Kudos to you all, I know my beloved mother, whom I will miss very much during this first holiday season so many years n of her absence and beyond, would certainly have liked the exceptional engraving work done on same. You have a very safe and blessed Christmas and New Year. “
Mike Klutchka

Holly Mando, November 2015

“I want to thank you again for getting the headstone in place for my sister-in-law’s visit. We went Saturday, spread a blanket & spent quite a bit of time at the gravesite. It was important for her to see John’s grave, to cry, be angry, for us to talk about him. I believe it helped. I hope you & your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving. “
Holly Mando

Peter Alongi, October 2015

“The work is beautiful. You have no idea the role you played in bringing our family back together after almost 50 years. Our reunion is planned for early December. Thank you so much for your help, guidance, and diligence.”
Best regards,
Peter Alongi

Diane, August 2015

“Thank you for everything. Circumstances aside, it was a pleasure working with you. You made the process simple, you were very kind, and were very attentive about keeping me posted on everything via emails and phone calls. Should the situation arise, I would definitely recommend St. Charles Monuments.”

June and Jac Comer, June 2015

“We were VERY delighted to receive this photo of the new headstone. It looks splendid and we appreciate the workmanship and all of your gracious service. It’s a lovely tribute we will long cherish in memory of the good people who are carved into it.”

June and Jac Comer

Nellie, June 2015

“Again, thanks for having my father’s memorial installed in time for Father’s Day. It’s beautiful. We were there with the family to plant flowers and pay our respects.”

Thank you,

Bob, June 2015

“Thank you so much. Looks beautiful. You made this extremely easy.”

Anthony Starzec and family, May 2015

“Thank you for the excellent engraving job on our family headstone; and thanks for your services through the years!!”

Steven & Barbara Brno, May 2015

“Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures. We will share them with relatives and friends.
And thank you to Marcus also. You have both been very patient and cooperative in this important effort. God bless you for the work you do with grieving families.”

We wish you continued success, good health and happiness.
Steven & Barbara Brno

Anthony Starzec and family, May 2015

“Thank you for the excellent engraving job on our family headstone; and thanks for your services through the years!!”

Mike Freedman, April 2015

“I got your voice mail and I just wanted to let you know that we were at the cemetery yesterday and saw the engraving. I want to thank you for the excellent work and friendly service. We greatly appreciate it.”

Thanks again,
Mike Freedman

Laura, January 2015

“Thank you so much for sending this to me. I can forward it to my siblings in Florida. My brother’s birthday is on Monday so I am glad it was able to be placed before then. Thank you for all you have done for us.”

Regards, Laura

Mary Siao, December 2014

Hi Julia,
“I just wanted you to know my children are happy with Rolando’s monument. Thank you for all your help. Greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.”
Mary Siao

Susanne Huber, December 2014

“Hi Julia!
Thank you for getting my dad’s monument in before Christmas! I just saw it today and it looks great. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and health and happiness in the New Year.”

Susanne Huber.

Edie Ammerata, November 2014

“My family visited the cemetery on Sunday. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful the monument looks. The stone base is gorgeous. I was shocked to see how big it is!!! Wow. Anyway, thank you again for all your help. I hope you have a healthy and happy holiday. You are a very sweet young woman.”
Edie Ammerata

Dorothy K. Skeados , October 2014

“Thank you Julia, it is Beautiful.”
Dorothy K. Skeados

Rosemarie Brancato, October 2014

“Thank you very much for the fine job.”
God Bless.
Rosemarie Brancato

George Dzus, October 2014

“Thank you so much for the photo. A wonderful job! It’s perfect!”

Thanks again,
George Dzus

William, August 2014

“As I told you Saturday, by your competence and personality, you made a difficult process for my family much easier. I know my parents felt comfortable dealing with you as you listened to them and tried to accommodate their desires for their son without acting like an impatient, pushy salesman. Good luck with your upcoming nuptial and in married life.”

Angela, May 2014

“Thanks for everything. You made a difficult time easier for me. It has been a pleasure working with you.”