Headstone Options
from St. Charles Monuments

With a handful of different options regarding the material in which we memorialize your loved one, remembrance has never been more personal. Our team of skilled memorialists and artists will further enhance your upright monument meaningfully. Our talented team can not only utilize preset designs, but, can custom design from your own selection of photos, sketches, or ideas, making sure that your loved one receives the honor they deserve.

At St. Charles Monuments, we understand how difficult and tempestuous the time immediately following the loss of a loved one can be. The selection of an upright monument can be an emotionally taxing process, and it is our goal to help guide you through. We believe that a quality headstone serves a stronger purpose than the marking of a grave. It should be a celebration of the life of the one we love. We don’t carve monuments at St. Charles – we carve memories. It’s our personal philosophy to design beautifully crafted monuments

How long does it take to complete a headstone or upright monument?

We want your approval on any personalized part of the monument, and as such, expected delivery times are about 4-6 weeks, if using available inventory, after you have approved any artwork to be etched or blasted into the memorial. If you would like a headstone crafted from any non-inventory stock, the process can take longer to complete and deliver to the cemetery or plot. Any custom orders are placed after any artwork is approved. Custom quarry ordering can take longer during the winter months.


How long should we wait to order a monument after a death?

Because of the time it takes to professionally and artfully design and make your monument, there is no need to wait. Most cemeteries will have prepared the plot and ground by the time your monument is completed. That being said, it can be difficult to make important, permanent decisions like these during a time of grief. More and more often people are choosing to preplan their monument, as it allows the person to choose how they are memorialized, as well as save their family some financial and emotional grief after their passing.


Choose a Display Special

Our Display Specials are Offered for All Long Island Cemeteries, and within the entire Tri-State Area. We have a wide array of styles and designs for you to choose from.

All design and lettering inscription is included, and no sales tax will be added. This special also includes free delivery and setting in the cemetery.

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What type of material should the monument be made from?

Generally speaking, monuments are commonly made from one of three materials: granite, marble, or bronze. At St. Charles Monuments, we tend to suggest granite as a monument option, as it is the most durable of the three and offers the client the most color and design options. While certainly beautiful, marble tends to fade and erode more quickly than granite, which can last in spite of weathering for a very long time.


How can we customize our headstone?

Once you’ve selected a type of stone, color, and monument shape, the next step is to choose the stone’s inscription- do you want full dates, or just a year? An epitaph or dedication? Perhaps a design? A monument has the unique ability to encapsulate all the memory and joy of your loved one- and it’s design should certainly reflect that. If you’d like more information on different design or style options, contact us now

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