5 Tips for Arranging a Funeral & Memorial for a Loved One


After the death of a loved one, there are a lot of arrangements to make. In addition to purchasing the headstone and arranging the funeral, there are several other things to take care of. Communicating with other family members to select dates for services, telling family and friends about the wake, and other factors make this a difficult responsibility. At St. Charles Monuments, we do our best to help each family through this time with our expertise in headstone decoration and funeral planning. When planning your loved one’s funeral (or your own), keep the following points in mind.


1. Inquire About Prices & Know What You’re Getting

Understanding how the various funeral service packages are priced is key to making an informed decision. If you intend to get quotes from multiple locations, then stay aware of what each package includes.


2. Spend Rationally

Whether expected or unexpected, the period following a loved one’s death can be one of the most difficult times in your life. The range of emotions you will experience may cloud your judgement during this process, compelling you to believe that certain services are essential. However strongly you believe that your loved one deserves the best of the best, try to keep a grounded perspective during final decisions. Be sure to keep your overall budget in mind, and weigh the advantages of these services and the desires of the deceased.

For a reasonably priced, all-inclusive headstone price point, check out our monument specials. Also, familiarize yourself with standard practices when purchasing monuments.


3. Keep Others in the Loop if you Pre-Plan

There are plenty of advantages to pre-planning your own funeral and monument services. You can design your own personalized headstone, eliminating the emotional stress this process can cause for family members. Choosing an epitaph for yourself also removes the emotional burden that this sometimes causes for families. You can also save family members the time and energy of investigating funeral home costs.

However, if you choose to do this, be sure that you tell at least one person about this arrangement. If possible, transfer the money into another account that your family can access when needed. Before finalizing these arrangements, discuss them with an expert, such as a lawyer or financial planner.


4. Speak with a Funeral Director

If you’re looking to fully isolate yourself from the stresses of the planning process, then hiring a funeral director is the correct route to take. While it will cost more money, funeral directors charge themselves with making arrangements for every phase of the funeral. This includes coordinating with cemeteries, preparing the body, and transportation, removing the brunt of the responsibility.


5. Ensure You are Being Treated Fairly

While instances of completely unfair treatment are few and far between, companies sometimes attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting mourners. Throughout the process, keep track of your expenses, and ask for explanations about any increased charges. If you find yourself victim of these malicious practices, contact the Funeral Consumers Alliance about steps you can take to correct this.


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