Why Do We Use 23K Gold Leaf Lettering?

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At St. Charles Monuments, our primary goal is always to help alleviate the pain of loss with incomparable guidance and exceptional service. Losing a loved one is one of the most disorienting times in anyone’s life. Therefore, we strive to help our Long Island community with extraordinary monuments that help to make this time a little less painful. In order to create a worthy memorial, at St. Charles we prioritize superior craftsmanship to give you a gorgeous and enduring monument.

One of the ways in which we create stunning monuments is through the application of 23K gold leaf. This particular substance is essentially to both the beauty as well as the quality of your monument. In this post, we’ll discuss 23K gold leaf, why we use it and what makes it superior. Keep reading for more information.

What Is 23K Gold Leaf?

When it comes to gorgeous (but durable) outdoor material, 23 karat gold leaf is the best option. The 23k gold leaf we use is 97% real gold, with a delicate touch of silver and copper. In comparison to 24 karat gold leaf, 23 karat actually makes for a superior addition to monuments.

Because of the silver and copper content, it has a much brighter shine. This makes the memorials we create much more distinctive and easy to locate than their counterparts. In addition, 23 karat gold leaf is the preferred material for any outdoor project like signs, frames and artwork. Its unique resilience to the elements and ability to resist fading make this the obvious choice to keep memorials stunning forever.

Why 23K Gold Leaf?

Obviously, one of the most important parts of any monument is the text. While the shape and color alone make beautiful and striking features, it’s the text that truly represents your loved one. Their name, dates, relationships and personal inscriptions are all indicative of their life and legacy. The text is essential to the success of the monument. Therefore, it’s equally important to ensure the lettering is bright, vivid, beautiful and long-lasting.

A common problem with lesser-quality monuments is that their constant exposure to the elements means they’re receiving a lot of damage. Most monument services that produce cheaper, lower-quality memorials use spray paint for their lettering. Unfortunately, spray paint oxidizes and fades over time. As a result, the memorial inevitably becomes a lot more dull and somber. For families visiting the monument, this can be heartbreaking and severely compromise the visit.

Additionally, one of the definitive benefits of 23K gold leaf is its distinction from other material. Even the most frequent memorial visitors often struggle to locate their loved one’s location in cemeteries. Usually, they’re placed within the center of countless other surrounding headstones. It can be very easy to repeatedly mistake other memorials for the one you’re looking for. In these scenarios, it becomes frustrating, exhaustive and time-consuming. Therefore, 23 karat gold leaf is a unique solution – it’s significantly more distinct, bright and noticeable than spray paint. The text is also much easier to read from longer distances. Using 23 karat gold leaf will actually save you the time and frustration you’d spend wandering the cemetery in search of your loved one’s memorial. In addition, it can be a great way to enhance existing headstones.

Conclusion – St. Charles Monuments

Above all, we at St. Charles Monuments want to provide you with a monument worthy of your loved one’s life and legacy. Everything we do – from consultations to craftsmanship – is refined in order to ensure we accomplish this in the most fulfilling and gratifying way possible. We understand the pain that comes with loss. Therefore, we maintain a commitment to service and craftsmanship that makes a difficult time just a little bit easier.

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