4 Signs a Headstone Needs Repair

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Headstone Repair
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Creating a fitting, beautiful headstone is the best way to say goodbye to a loved one. Visiting this headstone regularly is an outstanding way to demonstrate your dedication to deceased family and friends. Unfortunately, over time, headstones can gradually deteriorate. To keep your loved one’s headstone in its original condition, you must arrange for routine maintenance. There are a few ways that time and the elements can damage your loved one’s headstone.


1. The Lettering is Faded on the Monument

Regardless of the particular cause, the lettering on your loved one’s cemetery monument could fade over time. In order for the monument to appropriately honor the deceased, the lettering must be clear. This will help visitors to clearly remember shared memories, and pay respects. A routine cemetery monument cleaning will easily clear this lettering up, making for a much better appearance.

In some instances, families also choose to posthumously add an inscription. This is a somewhat standard practice when one spouse passes away before the other, and they eventually intend to share a cemetery monument. It may also be applicable to individuals who later decide to add a new epitaph. Regardless of the conditions, adding new lettering is a simple, routine process for our monument inscribers.


2. The Headstone is Chipped or Cracked

Because they are constantly outside, headstones are constantly being weathered. Between natural rain, acid rain, and snow, the weather can have a significant effect on the headstone. Depending on the cemetery monument’s material, this could cause a small or large crack over time. These cracks can be sore on the eyes, and detract from the significance of the monument.

With a skilled monument repair team, we can repair these cracks or chips, restoring your loved one’s monument to its original condition.


3. The Monument is Gradually Sinking

Some cemeteries are better at maintaining the ground surrounding the memorials than others. But, at some point or another, chances are that the ground beneath the headstone will erode. Inevitably, this will cause the cemetery monument to sink into the ground. Over time, this could displace the epitaph, headstone symbols, or even the lettering of the headstone.

Adding a base to the monument will prevent that from happening. Not only will this improve the aesthetic appeal of the overall monument, but it will also put a layer of stone between the headstone and the ground. Physically raising the cemetery monument is the ideal way to prevent it from sinking into the grass.


4. The Headstone is Dirty Due to Elements

Monuments can become dirty over time for a number of reasons. Excessive weathering can create a less polished surface. Lichen growth and grass clippings can also impact the general cleanliness of the cemetery monument. Finally, the soil itself may even stain the headstone.Thankfully, monument cleaners can clean the monument, removing these stains and creating a residue-free headstone.

However, properly cleaning a headstone is not as simple as washing a window. In order to prevent damage, headstone cleaning requires a great deal of attention and care. Standard granite counter cleaning products will not suffice; they may even damage the memorial. By spraying the monument with water and using a light brush, we can remove dirt and other residue. Trusting only experienced monument cleaners with the utmost skill is the best way to remove dirt without incident.



Preserve Your Cemetery Monument

In order to fully appreciate everything that your loved ones have contributed to your life, their cemetery monument should be in its original condition. With our team of expert monument cleaners, we can easily repair it without the potential for damage. Contact us to restore your loved one’s headstone to its original glory.


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