Cemetery Monument Cleaning Tips

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Many people like to keep the headstones of their loved ones properly maintained. There are several ways they practice this. Activities like bringing flowers, stones, and photos on a regular basis help friends and families keep the gravesite attractive and their loved one’s memory alive. In addition to these, people also find it helpful to clean the actual monument of their loved one’s grave.

Cleaning a cemetery monument may seem like a simple idea. However, there are several factors to consider before paying a visit to the cemetery to do some routine maintenance.


Can a Headstone be Cleaned?

Sometimes a gravestone will show signs of deterioration. Over time monuments can chip and flake. If your loved one’s headstone shows these signs, do not do any brushing or scraping when you clean it.

Trusting the Pros

Cemetery monuments are more delicate than they may appear to be. The polish of the headstone is removed upon design and lettering. These areas are very vulnerable, and also the major personalization of your monument. Normal granite cleaners are not safe for this delicate characteristic of the headstone.

headstone cleaning and maintenance

The team at St. Charles Monuments wants to ensure that your headstone maintains its appearance for all time. We proudly offer a professional cleaning service in order to keep your monument looking its best.

How To Clean A Gravestone

The first rule of cleaning cemetery monuments is to be gentle. To start, spray down the gravestone with clean water. Then use a soft scrub brush. Never use wire or metal brushes of any kind, as they may scratch damage or stain the stone. Apply water and gently scrub away any biological growth from the stone. Then spray the stone once again, to remove any residue.


St. Charles Monuments takes pride in all of the gravestones that we supply in the event of your losing a loved one. Remember that it is a worthy investment to use our professional cleaning service to ensure the longevity of your monument’s beauty. Please don’t hesitate to call us regarding any further questions you have about gravestone maintenance.







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