St. Charles Cemetery Opens Section 44

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At St. Charles Monuments, we consider it a privilege to help families commemorate their loved ones with lasting monuments. One of the cemeteries that we serve is St. Charles Cemetery, which is directly adjacent to our store and showroom. St. Charles Cemetery is managed by the Diocese of Brooklyn, and has provided a serene, tranquil resting place for Catholic families on Long Island for years. To better serve the community, St. Charles Cemetery recently opened a new section, Section 44.

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Where is Section 44 in St. Charles Cemetery?

The newly opened Section 44 of St. Charles Cemetery is located in the southeastern part of the cemetery. It is on the border of the St. Charles and Resurrection Cemeteries. While these cemeteries were originally adjacent but managed separately, the Brooklyn Diocese now oversees both.

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Headstones in Section 44

St. Charles Cemetery is the largest Catholic cemetery on Long Island, with many different sections. These various sections have different rules regarding which types of cemetery monuments are permitted in each. Larger monuments may take up more space, and also require more maintenance.

Section 44 is the first portion of St. Charles Cemetery that allows flat markers, slants, and upright monuments. Our monument artists can create fitting memorials for your loved ones in all three of these styles.

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Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are traditional headstones, and are generally the largest potential possibility. Because of this, they allow the family full control over how the monument will be personalized with details about the individual who passed away. They are also the easiest to locate in a cemetery. This generally includes a custom inscription, with an epitaph, as well as personal relationships. The family can also choose to include headstone symbols, or a picture. Our monument artists can create beautiful monuments that will help family and friends remember your loved ones for years to come.

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Slant markers are not quite as popular as upright monuments, but are a common choice nonetheless. They are created in a similar style and shape to headstones, but are not quite as large. Due to the smaller size, there are not quite as many customization options, and the lettering is generally scaled down. However, because the inscription is lower to the ground, it is more vulnerable to weathering and other types of damage.

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Flat Markers

Also known as foot markers, flat markers are the least expensive type of cemetery monument. They are also the smallest, with the least amount of space for personal details. Unlike the other two options, flat markers are placed directly in the ground, with the inscription facing up, rather than the eyes. Flat markers are a great choice for families who are looking for a fitting monument on a budget.

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The memorial’s foundation is already installed and paid for at the time the grave is purchased through the cemetery. However, St. Charles Cemetery charges a filing fee for all memorial permits.

At St. Charles Monuments, our skilled monument artists create each headstone with a razor-sharp eye for detail. Before finalizing the monument, we will confirm the design, ensuring that it satisfies your needs.


Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi

This section of St. Charles Cemetery is also home to a shrine of St. Francis of Assisi, an important figure in Catholicism. He is one of the two patron saints of Italy, and is also the patron saint of animals and the natural environment. He paved the way for several notable organizations within Catholicism, most notably the Franciscan order of the Friars Minor.

The St. Francis of Assisi Shrine has a comforting presence in the cemetery, allowing families the opportunity to reflect and pray.

st francis of assisi shrine


Other Sections to Open

St. Charles Cemetery has a long history of serving local Catholic families by providing a reflective resting place. Sections 45, 42, 37, 34, and 27 have still yet to open.


Cemetery Monuments

At St. Charles Monuments, we understand the difficulties in making arrangements while grieving the loss of a loved one. Our staff is here to answer all of your questions and create a high-quality monument that captures the spirit of your loved one.

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What people say about us

“Thank you Marcus. We drove by the monument yesterday afternoon. My husband and I were very pleased. Thank you for giving us a gift of comfort and peace.”

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“Thank you so much. It has been a comforting and pleasant experience working with St. Charles Monuments. The memorial set looks great.””

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“The headstone is beautiful. They did a fantastic job. Again my family and I thank you for all your help with suggestions and with the arrangements.”

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“My family and I visited my husband’s grave today. We were very pleased with the results. It looks very nice. Thank you.””

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