St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery: A Brief History

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For decades, St. Charles Monuments has worked closely with St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.  St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery has existed for many years. The history of how the land became the cemetery it is today dates back to the late 1800’s.

Headstone in Public Cemetery

The Origin of the Cemetery

In the early 1900’s, Bishop Charles McDonnell started to acquire the lands that now comprise St. Charles Cemetery. The Archdiocese of New York had purchased that land and Pinelawn Cemetery. After Bishop McDonnell passed away in 1921, Archbishop Thomas Molloy completed the purchase of the land that now forms St. Charles Cemetery.  Archbishop Molloy arranged for the purchase of this cemetery from the Archdiocese in 1953.  His goal was to combine both areas of land to create one large cemetery.


Serving The Families of Long Island

The land that formed St. Charles and Resurrection Cemeteries was obtained by the Diocese of Brooklyn.  This was done to better serve families on Long Island who wished to be buried in the same Catholic cemetery as their relatives.  Today, St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery serves Catholics throughout all of New York.  St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery was transferred from the Diocese of Brooklyn to the St. John’s Cemetery Corporation in 2007.  This was done to enhance the supervision and operation of these cemeteries. Today it owns and operates all the cemeteries for the Brooklyn Diocese.

St. Charles Cemetery Today

Families that seek a Catholic Cemetery often choose St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery. New burial plots are created in the cemetery each year.  A new section was created in St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery in 2016 called section 104. This section contains the Holy Cross Columbaria and a tribute to Saint Elizabeth Seton, the patron saint of seafarers.

St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery does not have an official affiliation with any one monument retailer.  St. Charles Monuments has proudly worked with St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery for years. We abide by all of their rules and regulations when we erect monuments in their cemetery. We are here for you regarding burial plans for your loved ones.  Contact us to discuss any questions you may have.


What people say about us

“Thank you Marcus. We drove by the monument yesterday afternoon. My husband and I were very pleased. Thank you for giving us a gift of comfort and peace.”

Mary Amber

“Thank you so much. It has been a comforting and pleasant experience working with St. Charles Monuments. The memorial set looks great.””

Pam Carter

“The headstone is beautiful. They did a fantastic job. Again my family and I thank you for all your help with suggestions and with the arrangements.”

Laura Leddy

“My family and I visited my husband’s grave today. We were very pleased with the results. It looks very nice. Thank you.””

Mrs. Guginsky

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