St. Charles Monuments creates monuments, headstones, double headstones, and various other memorials. Located in Commack, NY, Commack Cemetery is a historical cemetery that many people throughout the years have been buried in.

About Commack Cemetery

Located behind the Commack United Methodist Church, Commack Cemetery was opened in 1850. It is a fixture within the Commack community, serving as a reminder of the town’s development over time.

With strong ties to the town and its history, the Commack Cemetery Board of Directors is dedicated to providing the best possible resting place. They are heavily invested in grounds maintenance and providing a beautiful environment for visitors.


Non-Sectarian Cemetery

Despite being located next to the Commack United Methodist Church, Commack Cemetery is non-sectarian. This means that they do not restrict their burial grounds to people of the Methodist faith. Instead, anyone approved by the Board of Directors. However, they will allow ceremonies from any faith, including Catholic burials, Protestant burials, Jewish burials, and other traditions.


Notable Burials

As a historical landmark within the hamlet of Commack, there are two notable individuals buried in Commack Cemetery.

Charles A. Floyd

Having lived on Long Island for his entire life, Charles A. Floyd was involved in the local and federal government. He held a one-year term as the Suffolk County Clerk before passing the bar. After serving as a district attorney, on the New York State Assembly, Congress, and in various other capacities, Floyd returned to agriculture.

Orlando Hubbs

Hubbs was born in Commack, having spent his childhood on Long Island learning about carriage and wagon building. He moved to North Carolina in 1865, taking an active role in organizing the state’s Republican Party. While there, he served as a sheriff and a Congressman. He subsequently returned to Long Island, where he served on the state Assembly and Senate.


Contact Information


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