Tips for Choosing a Headstone Inscription

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Following the loss of a loved one, you and your family will be tasked with making arrangements. This includes ordering a headstone and etched inscription. While this is a distressing time, choosing a memorial allows you to reflect on the memories you shared with your loved one. Headstone inscriptions can be a symbol of your loved one’s legacy. It can also include phrases or carvings that represent their passions and interests. As a result, they offer anyone a glimpse into their lives. Even those who did not know them in life can get a sense of their personality from the right headstone.

Headstone Inscriptions in Long Island

At St. Charles Monuments, we’ve provided Long Island with headstones and other monuments since 1954. We handle the multifaceted aspects of pre-planning as well as a wide range of memorial services. One of the most important aspects of handling a death in the family is choosing a headstone inscription.


3 Tips for Choosing a Headstone

Selecting an inscription can seem like an overwhelming task. However, when the right words are chosen, they can offer a wonderful source of joy and comfort to your family. We’ve gathered some tips and suggestions when choosing a headstone inscription:


1. There Is No Rush:

Remember: it’s alright to take your time when choosing what to include. This decision should not be rushed. You also should not feel guilty about wanting to process your emotions before choosing.

When it comes time to select an inscription, remember your loved one. Reflect on their passions or hobbies. Remember who they were and what they represented to you and others. When you take time to brainstorm the primary qualities of your loved one, that’s when you’ll reach a decision. Once you’ve taken the time to decide their legacy, the perfect headstone inscription will follow.

Sometimes it is easiest to designate one family member with the headstone decisions. Too many suggestions can result in a cluttered etching. Also, on occasion, if too many opinions conflict, it can be a more difficult and time-consuming process.


2. Avoid Generic Phrasing:

While “In Loving Memory” is a beautiful sentiment, it has become a rather standardized inscription option. Consider a favorite quote, a line from a poem, or perhaps a personal saying. Find one that truly sums up your loved one’s personality.

Speak with your headstone designer and brainstorm some ideas for unique carvings or details that they can create especially for you. Be open to design ideas and letterform recommendations from your etching designer.


3. Find an Experienced Letter Cutter:

This memorial will stand the test of time for your family and your loved one’s legacy. Choose an etching designer with experience, knowledge and compassion.



At St. Charles Monuments, we have been etching and designing custom memorials for over 54 years.

We want this experience to be as seamless and peaceful for you as possible. Our understanding team is on hand to offer guidance, comfort and support in a truly trying time.


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