Why Do We Use 23K Gold Leaf Lettering?

At St. Charles Monuments, our primary goal is always to help alleviate the pain of loss with incomparable guidance and exceptional service. Losing a loved one is one of the most disorienting times in anyone’s life. Therefore, we strive to help our Long Island community[…]

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Cemetery Monuments for Police Officers and Firefighters

Selecting a headstone that honors your loved one is a meaningful and permanent way to commemorate them. This is especially true when the individual served the community in the police or fire department. Police officers and firefighters selflessly protect those around them, even when the[…]

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The Positive & Negatives of Grief Support Groups

After the death of a loved one, most grieving people get a popular recommendation. Friends or co-workers often suggest they visit a grief support group. Obviously, this, like mourning rituals, is a popular recommendation for a reason. Support groups can be pivotal to anyone dealing[…]

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Cremation: What Does This Mean for Memorials?

During the grieving process, many people search for the “correct” answer to all of their questions. What is the right inscription for my loved one’s memorial? Which headstone style should I have? What material should the headstone be? The truth is, there are no simple[…]

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Mourning Rituals: Helping You Heal From Loss

For generations, we’ve collectively been trying to figure out how to survive painful losses. Admittedly, there’s no worse pain than the loss of a loved one. At St. Charles, we help Long Islanders heal by crafting custom monuments that are a tribute to their loved[…]

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4 Key Traditions of Protestant Funerals

As different cultural groups evolve, their funeral traditions evolve as well. Burying the body immediately and celebrating their life afterward is a popular custom in the Jewish faith. For Catholics, performing the last rites directly before someone dies is important. However, even within the realm of Christianity,[…]

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A Guide to Surviving the Death of a Spouse

At St. Charles, we have many years of experience crafting custom monuments for grieving Long Island families. As a result, we now have a profound insight into loss and the way it affects people. Our primary mission has always been to help guide those suffering[…]

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5 Tips for Arranging a Funeral & Memorial for a Loved One

After the death of a loved one, there are a lot of arrangements to make. In addition to purchasing the headstone and arranging the funeral, there are several other things to take care of. Talking with other family members to select dates, telling friends, and[…]

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How to Use Facebook to Memorialize a Loved One

Nowadays, most of us turn to social media throughout life’s high and low points. Therefore, it’s natural that when dealing with loss, we often turn to social media to help us cope. Social media platforms like Facebook provide us with online communities to support us[…]

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