Grave Visitation Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Regardless of the relationship that you had, saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. While support from family and friends can help to soothe this sadness, the memories never truly fade. Visiting the headstone of your loved one can be a great way[…]

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4 Signs a Headstone Needs Repair

Creating a fitting, beautiful headstone is the best way to say goodbye to a loved one. Visiting this headstone regularly is an outstanding way to demonstrate your dedication to deceased family and friends. Unfortunately, over time, headstones can gradually deteriorate. To keep your loved one’s[…]

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eastern orthodox church

6 Traditions of Eastern Orthodox Funerals

While each sect of Christianity has the same underlying belief system, the traditions can vary quite a lot. For example, Catholic funeral services are conducted by a priest, with minimal interaction from those in attendance. Protestant funeral services, on the other hand, incorporate eulogies during[…]

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Monument Engraving: 4 Reasons to Add New Lettering

Because the conditions surrounding people’s lives can vary, the way that they purchase headstones varies as well. Some elderly people have the time and resources to pre-purchase a monument. Other people die unexpectedly or without these resources, and their families must make this purchase on[…]

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10 Surprising Facts About Cremation

Before WWI, cremation was prohibited by the Protestant Church. In the Catholic Church, cremation only became acceptable in 1963. As a funeral arrangement option, cremation has recently become a popular option. Some like it because it is quick, and others because it can provide a[…]

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funeral concept

4 Key Traditions of Protestant Funerals

As different cultural groups have evolved, their funeral traditions have changed as well. Burying the individual’s body immediately and celebrating their life afterward is a common burial custom in the Jewish faith. For Catholics, performing the last rites before somebody dies is important. But, even[…]

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catholic headstone

4 Traditions for a Catholic Burial

This post is part of a series that documents the various traditions held by religions throughout the nation. Even across similar cultures and religions, funeral traditions can vary drastically. Many people view these funeral traditions as integral in overcoming the grieving process. As a Long[…]

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4 Important Factors When Choosing a Cemetery

After a loved one passes away, making funeral preparations can be quite stressful. There are a lot of decisions that one must make, which can be especially difficult if they have never done this before. Purchasing a fitting headstone, arranging wake and funeral services, and[…]

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5 Facts on Veterans Burial Flags

At St. Charles Memorials, we take great pride in commemorating our nation’s veterans on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and in daily life. In addition to the great respect we have for their service, we also create upright monuments to honor them with military symbols. Aside[…]

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jewish headstones

Monument Cleaning Tips: Part Two

This blog post is intended to supplement a previous post about Cemetery Monument Cleaning Tips. After installation, your loved one’s monument will be a striking testament to the incredible, experience-filled life they lived. With a sandblasted surface, detailed lettering and a poignant epitaph, your loved[…]

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