The Best Current Books On Living With Grief

There’s no human experience on earth as harrowing or difficult to navigate as grief. Losing a loved one is truly the most painful misfortune that can befall anybody. Of course, at St. Charles Monuments, we’ve made our mission something much more significant than merely providing[…]

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jewish headstones

Traditions For A Jewish Burial

The Jewish faith has some very specific guidelines when it comes to a loved one’s end of life and subsequent burial. At St. Charles, we’ve provided support and guidance to Long Island’s Jewish community for several decades in times of grief and distress. Therefore, we’ve[…]

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3 Ways to Cope With Grief-Induced Insomnia

At St. Charles Monuments, we know firsthand how difficult it is to lose someone we love. For several decades, we’ve done more than provide Long Island with stunning, one-of-a-kind monuments and granite headstones. In addition, we aim to provide support, wisdom and guidance through the[…]

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How to Handle Grief on Social Media

The death of a loved is an extraordinarily stressful, emotional, and difficult time. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine any scenario we must contend with that’s more challenging or wearying. Obviously, arranging services and ordering an upright monument is important. However, managing your own feelings[…]

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End-of-Life Planning: The Basics

There’s never a more distressing, exhausting experience than when we lose those we love. Additionally, this kind of emotional pain doesn’t necessarily begin only after a passing. In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone’s end-of-life period to be just as difficult. Obviously, thinking about, discussing[…]

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Monument Shopping Pointers

Obviously, when a loved one passes away, it’s a very difficult time. Surviving family members feel a sense of loss and a wide range of painful emotions. However, there’s also work to be done. Along with funeral arrangements and casket selection, there comes the task[…]

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Losing a Sibling: What You Should Know

At St. Charles Monuments, we’ve been helping our Long Island community in times of grief for over fifty years. Of course, over the years we’ve provided monuments for those experiencing losses of considerable pain and hardship. No loss is easy, and we make it our[…]

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The Heartwarming Tradition of Grave Blankets

One universal tradition (regardless of culture, religion, ethnicity or nationality) is bringing gifts to a loved one’s grave. Many bring photographs, flowers, or mementos that possess a certain emotional resonance. One of the unique traditions that many find especially comforting is placing a grave blanket[…]

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4 Benefits of Choosing a Granite Headstone

At St. Charles Monuments, we’ve served our Long Island community for decades. During times of incredible difficulty, grief and stress, we maintain a firm commitment towards providing guidance, support and compassion that make your burden a little easier to carry. Of course, losing a loved[…]

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