We offer a wide range of designs for Christian double monuments. As with all St Charles Monuments offerings, these double headstones are crafted to your specifications.

Companion memorials are the most traditional in Christian cemeteries. Each double headstone can be customized to your needs. Your loved ones’ interests and heritage can be the basis for your custom design.


What is a Double Memorial?

Generally, double upright monuments are for 2 or more people. They are also known as companion headstones, and are created to represent an eternal bond.

These memorials are typically created for spouses. However, they are also used for siblings or for other people who were connected in life.

Our goal for each companion monument is to memorialize a family. These monuments can be inscribed with epitaphs and designs that are specific to your loved ones. Including imagery and engravings will enhance the beauty of the headstone, while personalizing the memorial for the deceased.


Why Choose a Double Memorial?

If you are looking to commemorate a family, double monuments are the best choice. These headstones are larger than other upright monuments or simple markers in order to allow for multiple names and epitaphs. A granite double headstone is a lasting memorial, which will be viewed by generations to come.

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Browse our two-grave monument design gallery below. Click on the photos to view a larger image size.

If you like any of the designs shown below, let us know the last name. We can use that design for your family’s double headstone.

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