St. Charles Monuments has worked with many of the cemeteries throughout Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. One of our longest relationships includes Oakwood Cemetery in Bay Shore, NY. The cemetery is conveniently located at 3 Moffitt Blvd in Bay Shore, NY, right off of Clinton Avenue. For decades St. Charles Monuments has provided monuments, products, and services for Oakwood cemetery. We are proud to have the privately owned Oakwood Cemetery as one of our loyal clients.

About Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery has been a strong presence in Bay Shore since the late 1800’s. The cemetery was founded in approximately 1880, and the oldest marked gravesite is dated 1889. The fact that Oakwood has been around for that long symbolizes the strong presence it has had in Bay Shore, providing comfort for local families.

Bay Shore Jewish Center owns and operates Oakwood Cemetery. Since 2013 the Jewish Center has been working to beautify and maintain the grounds of the cemetery. Over the years, unattended plant life had spread throughout the grounds. This caused some monuments to be covered, and landscaping to grow slightly out of hand. The team at Bay Shore Jewish Center decided to restore the grounds in order to maintain a peaceful and dignified resting place for those buried in Oakwood. Another goal of the project is to provide an appealing resting place for future burials. Over the past several years the results have been highly noticeable. Bay Shore Jewish Center is proud of their accomplishments with the Oakwood Cemetery project, and aims to continue the beautification as long as possible.

Being such a staple of Bay Shore and its surrounding areas, there are several local funeral homes that have worked with Oakwood over the years. Bay Shore Funeral Home on 2nd Avenue, and Rose’s Funeral Home on 5th Avenue are two of the closest. If you plan to choose Oakwood Cemetery in the future, these are two reputable funeral home options for you.

Contact Information

Oakwood Cemetery can be contacted by phone at (631) 665-0638. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.