Breslau Cemetery Lindenhurst NY

St. Charles Monuments works with many cemeteries throughout Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. One of the longest relationships we’ve had is with Breslau Cemetery in Lindenhurst, NY. For years St. Charles Monuments has been privileged to provide Breslau with monuments, products, and services that have brought comfort to the families of the Lindenhurst community.

About Breslau Cemetery

Breslau Cemetery is located at the intersection of Newark Street and Monroe Street in Lindenhurst, N.Y. The cemetery was founded in 1876. The oldest readable stone in Breslau Cemetery is that of Sarah Begga Shaenfield and her child, who died March 8, 1883.

Breslau Cemetery was once owned by the Lindenhurst Hebrew Congregation. It in now owned by Congregation Beth-El in Massapequa. For the past several years, Congregation Beth-El has worked to maintain the grounds of Breslau. This has offered a sense of comfort to the families of loved ones buried there. Congregation Beth-El plans to maintain Breslau Cemetery in order to provide comfort to the families of the western Suffolk county community for years to come.

If you plan Breslau to be the resting place of a loved one, there are several local funeral homes that can be of service to you. Those include Lindenhurst Funeral Home and Johnston’s Funeral Home, which are both on Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst.

Contact Information

Breslau Cemetery’s office can be contacted by phone at (631) 226-0169. Their office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For further information, you may also contact Congregation Beth-El at (516) 541-0740.



What people say about us

“Thank you Marcus. We drove by the monument yesterday afternoon. My husband and I were very pleased. Thank you for giving us a gift of comfort and peace.”

Mary Amber

“Thank you so much. It has been a comforting and pleasant experience working with St. Charles Monuments. The memorial set looks great.””

Pam Carter

“The headstone is beautiful. They did a fantastic job. Again my family and I thank you for all your help with suggestions and with the arrangements.”

Laura Leddy

“My family and I visited my husband’s grave today. We were very pleased with the results. It looks very nice. Thank you.””

Mrs. Guginsky

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