Holy Rood Cemetery Westbury

St. Charles Monuments humbly provides monuments, products, and services to many of the cemeteries throughout Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. One of our strongest affiliations is the one that we have maintained with Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury, NY.

About Holy Rood Cemetery

Holy Rood Cemetery was founded in 1930. At the time it was part of the Diocese of Brooklyn, and in 1956 became part of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The Cemetery of the Holy Rood is located at 111 Old Country Rd in Westbury, New York. One of the oldest cemeteries in Nassau county, the 65-acre grounds are considered to be a part of the greater Hempstead Plains. The cemetery also contains the burial grounds of Saint Brigid’s Cemetery which was formerly a part of Saint Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church. Saint Brigid’s cemetery was founded in 1856. It eventually absorbed into the assets-management of Cemetery of the Holy Rood or Catholic Cemeteries.

There is a triangular grassy section of Holy Rood Cemetery called “The Island of Hope”. It is owned by the Children of Hope Foundation. The section is for the burials of abandoned babies, who are victims of neonaticide. Approximately 100 children are buried there.

There are some notable graves contained in Holy Rood Cemetery. These include Titanic survivor Molly Brown, professional basketball player Carl Braun, and fashion designer Oleg Cassini. Some other people of note that are buried in Holy Rood are former CIA Director William J. Casey, and John W. Wydler, former member of the US House of Representatives.


Cemetery Rules & Regulations

As do all cemeteries, Holy Rood has specific rules and regulations regarding visitor conduct and decorations. Although cemetery management sympathizes with the feelings that occur during the painful time of losing a loved one, these rules are put in place to provide a delicate balance between visitors and management. The goal is to keep the cemetery orderly and maintained to its reputable standard. For a complete list of rules and regulations, please see the Rules and Regulations for Catholic Cemeteries.

Holy Rood Cemetery also enforces rules regarding decorations that you may want to leave at the grave of a loved one. Management understands and supports actively remembering your departed loved ones. However, regulations regarding decorations are enforced to maintain the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of the cemetery.

Some general rules that involve general visitor conduct and decorations include:

  • Vehicles that enter the cemetery will not exceed 20 miles per hour.
  • Children under 15 years of age are not permitted within the Cemetery unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Animals are not permitted in the cemetery.
  • Cemetery Management cannot be responsible for any plants or decorations left at graves.
  • After the burial service, the cemetery management reserves the right to remove and dispose of all floral pieces.
  • No photography of any kind if permitted at the cemetery.
  • The picking of flowers or disturbing plants and shrubbery is prohibited
  • Holy Rood Cemetery reserves the right to remove any decorations that may have deteriorated as they will affect the overall beauty of the cemetery

Products & Services

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre aims to provide as much comfort as possible to those who are grieving. For that reason, an extensive range of services and products is offered through their cemeteries. These include:

  • Single and Double grave spaces with Flush Memorials
  • Single and Double grave spaces with Upright Memorials
  • Chapel and Garden Mausoleum
  • Columbarium Niches for the Inurnment of Cremated Remains
  • Memorial Foundations
  • Installation of Bronze Markers
  • Urns and Floral vase holders
  • Monument Cleaning Services
  • Seasonal placement of selective decorations such as grave blankets
  • Votive Light Candle memorials at our chapel mausoleums

Hours of Operation

Holy Rood Cemetery is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m including holidays.

St. Charles Monuments is proud to work with Holy Rood Cemetery on a very regular basis. For updated information you may call Holy Rood’s office at (516) 334-7990, or call St. Charles Monuments at (631) 694-0943.


What people say about us

“Thank you Marcus. We drove by the monument yesterday afternoon. My husband and I were very pleased. Thank you for giving us a gift of comfort and peace.”

Mary Amber

“Thank you so much. It has been a comforting and pleasant experience working with St. Charles Monuments. The memorial set looks great.””

Pam Carter

“The headstone is beautiful. They did a fantastic job. Again my family and I thank you for all your help with suggestions and with the arrangements.”

Laura Leddy

“My family and I visited my husband’s grave today. We were very pleased with the results. It looks very nice. Thank you.””

Mrs. Guginsky

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