Pre-Planning a Cemetery Monument

What would you like to tell future generations about yourself and family? This is your opportunity to make your personal statement in history.

Increasingly, people are choosing to purchase their own monument before the need arrives. By planning ahead, you will be involved and receive all the benefits of pre-planning a memorial. You can select the style, size and color you prefer. A personalized design, which you help to create, is ensured to reflect your beliefs and values.

Most major purchases are completed with the interests of all members of the family. This is one of those major purchases.

Pre-Planning A Monument

Financial Security

You can save money and lock in today's prices. Like everything else, it will cost less now than in years to come. Funerals are costly. A monument can be one less expense.

By purchasing your monument or headstone in advance, it will be one less expense you’re loved ones will have to worry about. When you pre-order a headstone with St. Charles Monuments, we ensure the process is extremely simple and will allow you to focus on other important responsibilities.

If you’re leaving behind your loved ones money, they may not be able to access it right away. By paying for your headstone in advance you will allow the memorial process to run much smoother.

Emotional Security

It is less traumatic and emotional to purchase a memorial in advance. Peace of mind comes when you know that you and your loved ones are taken care of.

We understand the loss of a friend or family member is a very difficult time. By choosing to pre-plan your monument and funeral arrangements, you can help reduce stress during a difficult time. After the passing of a loved one there’s over 50 responsibilities that must be handled in a short amount of time, pre-planning your headstone helps eliminate some of the important duties.

When pre-planning, you also have the benefit of making sure all wishes are carried out however you choose. You may choose to arrange your own funeral services, headstone style, design, inscription and cemetery.